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Curves Diet: Workout Plan Included

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What is the Curves Diet?

Curves Diet: Workout Plan Included

A caveat of the Curves Diet: You can't do it all in the comfort of home. The Curves Diet plan, developed by the founders of the Curves chain of women-only gyms, starts with a 6-week program marketed as the “Curves 6 Week Solution.” The program is said to boost metabolism and promote weight loss with a schedule that calls for five small meals throughout the day and one shake as an additional meal. One of the bonuses: No foods are off-limits, so (in theory) you will never feel deprived. Although they state that no foods are off limits, they do tell you to minimize high fat dairy, refined carbs and sweets (especially on the carb-limited plan).

If you are considering the Curves Diet, keep in mind that it offers two diet plan options, one slightly higher in carbohydrate and one slightly higher in protein, to cater to both the low-carb and low-fat advocates.

But you do have to sign up at a Curves gym to participate in the 6 Week Solution so that may rule out this diet if there is not a Curves that is convenient for you. Strength training to increase your lean muscle mass (thereby increasing your metabolism and helping you burn more calories) is also part of the program, so there is an obvious tie-in with becoming a member of a Curves gym. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. No matter what diet you follow or don't follow, regular exercise will improve your health even if your weight is stable. has your best and full review for each diet plan with pictures of what you can/can't eat.



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