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Online Oriented? Try The Fitness Magazine Diet

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What are the best features of the Fitness Magazine Diet?

Online Oriented? Try The Fitness Magazine Diet

The principles of the Fitness Magazine Diet plan are similar to those of other low-fat, moderate calorie diets, but the interactive online nature of the Fitness Magazine Diet separates it from other diet choices. You can buy the magazine in paper form, but it's the website,, that offers a variety of interactive tools to help plan your diet, including the following:

  • Calorie Counter: If you sign up to receive the e-newsletter, you'll have access to calorie charts for many popular junk foods as well as healthy foods. You can also calculate how many calories you need each day, based on your weight loss goals and exercise habits.

  • Create A Diet. This feature prompts you to choose specific meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then, based on your selections, the program provides you with a shopping list of grocery items and staple items to keep on hand.
The Fitness Magazine Diet is aimed at women and attempts to appeal to them by creating a sense of community. You can post messages on the magazine's online message boards about your triumphs and frustrations and read similar posts from others.

Need a little inspiration? The Fitness Magazine website's “I Did It!” section includes weight loss success stories from real women who have lost weight — from 25 pounds to more than 100 pounds — and kept it off through healthier eating and lifestyle choices.

If you are computer savvy and you like getting e-newsletters, updates and reminders, then this might be a useful diet plan for you.

But to succeed, you do need to pay attention to the reminders and updates and if aren't inclined to review the e-newsletters that will start to fill your e-mail inbox, you may want to choose a diet that involves less time in front of the computer screen. has your best and full review for each diet plan with pictures of what you can/can't eat.



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