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How Lower-Carb Diets Work, or Don't Work

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How do low-carb diets work?

How Lower-Carb Diets Work, or Don't Work

You can lose weight by following low-to-moderate carb diets such as the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet, the Sugar Busters! Diet and the How the Rich Get Thin Diet. But these diets are at least as hard to stick with for the long-term as any other diets and the emphasis on high-protein and sometimes high-fat foods in some low-carb diets may be detrimental to your health depending on what other health issues you have. No data yet exist to show whether long-term adherence to low-carb diets increase your risk of heart disease, cancer, kidney problems or bone problems. But if are trying to cut cholesterol, for example, you would be better off with a moderate protein, low-fat diet than a low-carb diet.

In a nutshell, here's how low-carb diets make you lose weight:

  • Losing water weight. During the first phase of these diets, calories are restricted and carbohydrates are completely cut out. A rapid weight loss will usually be seen during this initial phase, but it is mostly due to water loss.
  • Cutting overall calories. Because most low-carb diets restrict the types of foods that you can eat, your overall calorie intake is regulated almost by default. The average person consumes at least half of his or her daily calories from carbs including bread, pasta, cereal, milk, and most types of sweets. By cutting out these food groups, you're cutting calories.
  • Making You Feel Full. Fat takes longer to digest than carbohydrate, so you will feel fuller longer after eating a high-fat, low-carb meal than if you had a low-fat, high-carb meal. has your best and full review for each diet plan with pictures of what you can/can't eat.



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Some of the foods that will reduce the weight loss they are Eating food high in carbohydrates is said to make you lose weight. Fresh fruits and vegetables are high in carbohydrates. They also help flush out toxins. Whole grains are also rich in carbohydrates. They are digested by the body slowly thereby preventing sudden changes in glucose levels.


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