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Mediterranean-Inspired Diet Means Great Taste, Less Fat

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What foods are part of the Mediterranean Diet?

Mediterranean-Inspired Diet Means Great Taste, Less Fat

Of all the low-fat diets that you've heard of, the Mediterranean Diet is one of the most studied and most widely interpreted by restaurants and home chefs alike.

If you are following a low-fat diet and want to stick with your plan when dining out, look for low fat entrées that are inspired by the Mediterranean diet's emphasis on fish, fruits, vegetables, light sauces, and generous use of extra virgin olive oil, which is a documented source of heart healthy fat.

When cooking at home, prepare low-fat recipes using extra virgin olive oil instead of standard vegetable oil to make dishes heart healthier. Note: don't substitute olive oil for vegetable oil in baking, though. You may end up with some strange-tasting brownies. Instead, try canola oil for a healthier and higher in omega-3 fatty acid variation of cakes or other baked goods that call for vegetable oil.

Other ways to cut the fat include choosing (or cooking yourself) steamed or sautéed vegetables flavored with lemon juice, a wine-based sauce, and herbs rather than a butter-based or a creamy sauce. has your best and full review for each diet plan with pictures of what you can/can't eat.



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