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A Clean Sweep: Raw Food Detox Can Flush Out Toxins

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What is the Raw Food Detox Diet?

A Clean Sweep: Raw Food Detox Can Flush Out Toxins

The Raw Food Detox Diet, developed by Manhattan-based nutritionist Natalia Rose, is less of a weight loss diet and more of a plan to incorporate raw foods into whatever diet plan you follow. The raw food consumption, says Rose, is a way to enhance your overall health.

The theory behind the Raw Food Detox Diet is that our bodies build up toxins over time by storing waste byproducts from foods (primarily processed foods) that are never fully eliminated from the body. Rose suggests that eating more raw foods will help the body eliminate these excess toxins. The potential benefits of eliminating excess toxins include clearer skin, shinier hair, more energy, and a slimmer body, although the evidence for any of these results is limited.

Still, if you want to get inspired to eat more raw foods as part of your diet, consider this: the meat and starch-heavy meals that make up much of out diets take more energy to digest; thus the body has less energy available to flush out toxins and repair itself. The inadequate repair is part of the culprit behind the bags under your eyes or your seemingly sluggish metabolism. Anything that promotes eating more natural, healthy foods is good, even if the philosophy behind it may seem dubious to some.

Although this is not a vegetarian diet, it does emphasize fruits and vegetables. For the specific recommendations of how to incorporate more of these raw foods into your diet, you have to buy the book; there's no online newsletter component.

And keep this tip in mind: If you have a sensitive colon or bladder, or if you are not used to eating a high-fiber diet, you may find that following the high fiber food recommendations of the Raw Food Detox Diet leaves you feeling bloated. has your best and full review for each diet plan with pictures of what you can/can't eat.



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