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Nutrisystem Diet Controls Carbs But Doesn't Demonize Them

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What does the Nutrisystem Diet offer?

Nutrisystem Diet Controls Carbs But Doesn't Demonize Them

If you think you can commit to a month's worth of prepared meals as part of your weight loss plan, the Nutrisystem Diet may be a good short-term option for you. The Nutrisystem Diet is not low-carb in the traditional way, but it is based on the glycemic index of foods. The glycemic index is a way to assess the “quality” of carbohydrates and whether they cause your blood sugar to spike or remain stable. The nature of the glycemic index and whether it really matters if you're trying to lose weight remains uncertain, but the diet's emphasis on healthy, complex carbs is sound.

The bottom line is that the Nutrisystem foods do focus on healthy, complex carbs, such as whole grains, that will promote stable blood sugar levels and feelings of fullness.

Once you sign up for the Nutrisystem Diet, you peruse the menu options and place your order by phone or online. Once you have made your choices, a 28-day supply of food arrives at your door with a Welcome kit and a planning calendar that outlines what to eat when.

An added bonus: Nutrisystem offers plans specifically tailored to older adults and people with type 2 diabetes. And as prepared meal plans go, it's convenient. The food arrives at your door, and if you need help and support you can get it by phone or Internet; there's no need to visit a weight loss center or have personal meetings or weigh-ins with a consultant. has your best and full review for each diet plan with pictures of what you can/can't eat.



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