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Zone Diet Hones in on Protein Power

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What foods are restricted on the Zone Diet?

Zone Diet Hones in on Protein Power

The Zone Diet, popularized by Dr. Barry Sears, claims to promote weight loss through a high-protein low-carb equation. Ideally, your daily calorie intake should consist of 40 percent protein, 30 percent carbohydrate and 30 percent fat.

The Zone Diet is restrictive, but not as much as some low-carb diets and you are able to increase your variety of foods the longer you spend on the diet.

Zone diet foods include all types of lean protein, as well as low-fat dairy products, most types of fresh fruit and non-starchy veggies. The idea behind consuming each meal and snack in the right combination of protein, fat and carbs will help manage insulin levels and keep the dieter's mind and body at its ultimate state.

Restricted items on the Zone Diet include carrots, bananas, raisins and most grain products, all of which are healthy foods that are high in fiber. One of the criticisms of the Zone Diet is that it is too low in fiber, which has been shown to improve digestion, cholesterol levels and overall health. Oatmeal and barley, which are whole-grain and fiber-rich foods, are allowed in the Zone, however.

Northwestern University's nutritional analysis of a typical day on the Zone Diet came up with 28 grams of fiber for the day. That's more than many average Americans eat per day, but some health organizations recommend 25 to 38 grams daily, so the Zone may be on the low end of the fiber spectrum.

A sample breakfast meal on the Zone Diet is 1 cup of strawberries, 2/3 cup of oatmeal and 6 egg whites scrambled with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and asparagus. has your best and full review for each diet plan with pictures of what you can/can't eat.



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