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Embrace Whole Grains for Weight Loss and Health

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What is the theory behind the Whole Grain Diet

Embrace Whole Grains for Weight Loss and Health

In contrast to many low-carb and high-protein diets, the Whole Grain Diet, developed by Dr. Lisa Hark, puts the focus on whole grain foods as the way to lose weight for the short-term and cultivate and maintain good health for the long-term.

Because whole grain foods tend to be filling, if you eat more whole grains you may be less likely to seek out high fat or sugary snacks.

The Whole Grain Diet details are found in Dr. Hark's book, "The Whole Grain Diet Miracle." The book includes high fiber, whole grain recipes for every meal and many of them incorporate grains that might be new to you, such as quinoa and millet. There's even a recipe for buckwheat brownies.

When you're shopping for more whole grain, high fiber foods, be sure to read the labels closely. Look for the word “whole” before the word “grain” or the type of grain. Choose foods with labels that read “whole wheat” or “whole bran,” rather than those that read “100 percent wheat," “stone ground wheat” or “multi-grain.” Also, oats or oatmeal and brown rice are whole grain foods.

There are U.S. government standards that a product must meet to claim high fiber status. A “high fiber” food must contain at least 5 grams of fiber per serving and a product whose label states that it is a “good source of fiber” must contain from 2.5 to 4.9 grams of fiber per serving. has your best and full review for each diet plan with pictures of what you can/can't eat.



6/12/2008 10:00:05 PM
Betty Hannah said:

I am very familiar with the high fiber, low fat diet. I believe it is the best way to lose weight. I recommend you read some of the books that are out to familiarize yourself with the concept. There are many ways to prepare foods so they will be high fiber and low fat. You not have to deprive yourself of delicious food. For instance, to make a delicious omelette, use 4 egg whites with paprika, Molly McButter,and cheese sprinkles. Fill with spinach, asparagus, salsa, or whatever else you like, and add a slice of fat-free cheese.The only fiber this omelette has is in the veggie filling, so it would be better if you eat a slice of toast made with hi-fiber bread.This is just an example of how well you can eat on this diet. One of the best things I have found to get fiber is Mission brand "Carb Balance" tortillas. Each tortilla contains 11 grams of fiber. You can use them to make bean burritos or you can use them to make pie crust.To make a delicious pie crust, spray a no-stick pan with olive oil or buttery spray. Slowly brown one side until it is crisp and then brown the other side. You can top this "crust" with many things, for instance, any kind of fruit plus sugar substitue plus Molly McButter plus cornstarch, plus vanilla, plus water. Zap in the microwave. If you like, you can even add meringue. You can use this crust to make an individual pizza or even quiche.You can invent your own recipes and eat very well indeed!

12/28/2009 5:04:18 AM
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