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Martini Diet: Raising A Glass To Weight Loss

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How does the Martini Diet work?

Martini Diet: Raising A Glass To Weight Loss

The gimmick behind the Martini Diet is that all of your portions must fit into a 3-ounce Martini glass. For example, if you are having salmon, roasted potatoes, and a salad for dinner, your allotted portions of each of these three items must fit into a Martini glass. Sound a little silly? Yes, and this diet is impractical for most people.

Although the principle of portion control for weight loss is sound, and the fact that the diet doesn't eliminate foods or food groups may be appealing for many dieters who don't want to give up favorite foods, snacking is prohibited, and the suggestions to beat hunger pangs by going shopping and drinking lots of coffee aren't especially conducive to long-term health (although walking around the mall is certainly good exercise).

The Martini Diet uses the “snob factor” to encourage participants in their weight loss efforts by calling snacking outside of three meals a day tacky (which ignores the demonstrated benefits of healthy snacks in most healthy long-term weight loss plans).

The diet was developed by Jennifer Sander, an author of other self-help books, as a way to aid her own weight loss, but she doesn't have a medical background and the tone of the book is more entertaining and oriented towards readers of Cosmopolitan than towards the Midwestern mom with kids who is trying to keep both herself and her family healthy.

The emphasis on eating only high-quality foods made with real ingredients vs. processed foods is valid, but the Ms. Sander touts full-fat foods, which makes the diet as a whole high in fat, although modest in calories.

There's no website community or suggestions for a long-term healthy lifestyle. The bottom line is that this is entertaining to read, but not really a diet to follow. has your best and full review for each diet plan with pictures of what you can/can't eat.



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