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Online Diets Offer Virtual Support With Real Results

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What are the benefits of online diet plans?

Online Diets Offer Virtual Support With Real Results

Dieting is tough, and sometimes your immediate family and friends don't understand the specifics of your diet plan well enough to be supportive. Or they aren't accessible enough to discuss day-to-day dieting challenges.

Fortunately, thanks to the Internet, you can find support and get advice, or offer suggestions of your own to other dieters with the click of a mouse. Several popular diets are primarily Internet-based—all the information is available online—compared with some diets that require you to buy a book or join a gym. Several popular online diets—the eDiets diet plan, the Fitness Magazine diet and the SELF diet plan — allow dieters to seek support from an online community.

If online diet plans appeal to you, whether because of the convenience, anonymity, or both, give one of these plans a try, but be prepared to make room in your in-box. Most online diet plans include at least one weekly e-newsletter with diet advice and tips. For example, the Fitness Magazine website's “You Can Do It” plan that promises to help participants drop a jeans size in four weeks includes a weekly e-newsletter with tips for how to burn extra calories, suggestions for low-calorie snacks and treats, and suggestions for healthy take-out food when you are on the go. has your best and full review for each diet plan with pictures of what you can/can't eat.



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